Life style

Wherever you are: in the neighboring town or halfway around the world - your personal assistant is always available for communication. Commit yourself to what's important to you, we will take the details for themselves.


    Your name entered in the guest list of the best club, an invitation to a private screening - is on the way. Welcome at main secular, cultural and sports events - for you there is no closed doors.

    Our planet is amazing in its infinite variety, getting a wide range of tastes and preferences, be it a weekend trip to Italy or extreme tour in the unexplored places of the planet. Plane tickets, hotel guide and jeep for a safari - a journey of your dreams is already planned.

    You remember all the important dates - and each of them has special present. Design for a holiday, or a rare collection or personal surprise for a sweetheart - the possibilities are endless.

    Villa near the sea, mountain lodge apartment in center of the city - complete database of real estate around the world at your disposal. Options already delivered to your e-mail - you just choose the best.

    The prestigious Russian and foreign educational institutions are ready to give you and your children to exclusive study and recreation. Describe your requirements - the result will not take long.

    Health above all - issues associated with it require instant solutions. Immediate medical assistance is guaranteed to you at any time, regardless of your location.

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