Investment solutions

Investment solutions

Half a century of history, impeccable accuracy and focus on details. We can offer You a collection of investment instruments created together with VP Bank (Switzerland) Ltd - one of the leading Swiss banks. You just have to determine the extent of Your personal involvement in the portfolio management.

Fiduciary Asset Management

The future begins today, being made up of decisions and actions. We know how important it is to plan everything in advance, to develop a strategy and to follow it rigorously. To create a management team to take over the management of your assets. Let your money work for you - the result will not take long.

  • Individuality

    Making your own portfolio, based on the investment objectives and risk appetite.
  • Confidentiality

    Secrecy of your transactions and formation of statements in a convenient form and using acceptable communication channels.
  • Reliability

    Professional investment portfolio management and sustainable income.

Qualified consulting

  • Investments

    We will prepare for you an investment strategy and, having evaluated the market conditions, we will provide recommendations for the further distribution of assets. The final decision is always yours.
  • Taxation

    We know how to interact with tax authorities, and we will help you in resolving disputes. Negotiating, preparing accounting statements, tax planning - these are our concerns.
  • Transaction support

    We will provide comprehensive advisory services at any stage of the transaction: selling a business, fund raising, or debt refinancing.
  • Management of risks

    We will develop for you a strategy to protect personal wealth in terms of taxation. The service includes exploring the possibilities for diversification and international planning.
  • Litigation support

    We are always on your side, and we will protect your interests in administrative and judicial disputes. Whenever you need help, please feel free to contact us.
  • Legal support

    We will coordinate the work of lawyers, tax consultants, auditors, financial and business consultants. An integrated approach to any task: including recommendations and their implementation in practice.
  • Strategy consulting

    We can give you any advice in solving strategic and operational problems of your company. High professional standards and systematic independent monitoring.